2015 Croatia 克羅地亞自駕遊: Accommodation 住宿篇 – Zagreb

Apartment Owner: Tatjana Novak
Apartment Address: Ulica Ljudevita Gaja 4, Zagreb, City of Zagreb 10000, Croatia

計劃克羅地亞(Croatia)行程的同時,也查看當地的住宿,比較過酒店跟民宿的分別,酒店大多是比較殘舊而且酒店式間格大小的房間,既然克羅地亞的生活價格指數相對大部分歐洲國家低,以酒店的價錢,但若選擇民宿,住宿空間卻大得多,而且更有家的感覺。這是第二次在Airbnb訂民宿(對上一次在Zurich),知道Airbnb會從中收取service charge 12%,即住客要多付戶主所收取的費用,但就當是相方在不認識情況下買一個保障。

這間位於Zagreb市中心的民宿非常方便,因為計劃坐長途飛機後,先到步休息充足和熟識當地環境後才駕車到克羅地亞(Croatia)的城市,所以由機場到Zagreb市,是坐airport shuttle bus,Zagreb機場不大,拿過行李,在機場銀行兌換當地貨幣Kuna過後(只要帶備EURO兌換便可。EUR1 ~ HKD8.19 ~ KUNA7.57),再到Tourist Information Centre取city map和information brochures(不過其實市中心也有Tourist Information Centre),一出機場便很容易看到機場巴士站,每半小時一班,每位Kuna 30,半小時左右便到離市中心不遠的巴士總站,可以步行前往住宿地點,也可以轉坐Tram No. 6,第五個站下車,住宿在Ulica Ljudevita Gaja街,正正在Hotel Dubrovnik所在,行前少許便是4號,到步前跟Tatjana說好時間,她會在大廈門前迎接,大廈沒有電梯,要抬行李上兩層樓,不過位置很方便,到市中心景點完全可以步行前往,Dolac Market也數分鐘便到,買到所有食材和手信。Tatjana也很有心提供所有用品,讓人完全沒有離家住酒店的感覺。雖然apartment位置方便,樓下便是cafe,人來人往,但只要一關上窗,便零嘈音,隔音做得相當出色。apartment單位也佈置得很有心意,好舒服,沖涼熱水也不缺,非常充足,而且屋內每個角落包括浴室有齊heater,在三四月還是冬季是不可少。

Stay tuned to my upcoming video about this apartment or subscribe to my YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/carolinelovemusic


We initially booked another apartment in Zagreb through booking.com, mainly because of the lovely modern interior design, in the end we decided to cancel that booking and pay an extra to stay two nights at Tatjana’s apartment through Airbnb. And to be honest, it worth the money.

This is our first time visiting Croatia. Tatjana is very nice, friendly and helpful. She provided all information we needed to get to her apartment by public transport. She met us in front of the apartment building patiently even though our flight was delayed for two hours to Zagreb. As we rented a car to continue our journey in Croatia after Zagreb, Tatjana also explained in very details about how we could get to the place where we picked up the car.

We also can tell Tatjana is a very thoughtful person by staying at her apartment. She provides everything we needed during the stay at the apartment, it includes not only the basic stuffs where fully furnished apartment would have but also some tiny little stuffs like laundry liquid and hanger, cooking oil and seasoning, cling wrap, etc. She also prepared the fruits, bottled water and juices for us. We didn’t need to worry anything but only needed to buy the food we needed for ourselves.

The apartment is very spacious and clean. Location is ideal. If you are not planning to drive, you can still easily get to the apartment by airport shuttle bus and tram. All attractions in the city area are within walking distance, if not going far away from the city, there is no need to take any transportation at all. The Dolac Market is just less than five minutes walk from the apartment, we could easily buy fresh local produce and souvenirs from there. Anything we bought, we could always walk back and leave it at the apartment without carrying them around all day.

We have had a very good travel experience in Zagreb because of staying at Tatjana’s place.

Stay tuned to my upcoming video about this apartment or subscribe to my YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/carolinelovemusic


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